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The Power of Insulation

• Typical ROI: Less Than 6 Months
• Conserves Enormous Amounts of Energy
• Delivers Major Savings for the Life of a Facility
• Provides Immediate Reductions In Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Conserving Energy With Insulation
The most widely accepted benefits of insulation are energy savings and the resulting cost savings that can be realized. Energy is often the most costly component in managing a manufacturing facility and its processes. Reducing energy consumption reduces costs. Lowering costs is a continual objective within most companies. It may not be at the top of the list, but it certainly falls within the top ten corporate initiatives, along with improving safety, quality, shareholder value, and the environment.

With the high cost of energy and our country’s dependency on foreign energy sources, energy conservation is a priority with many companies. However, insulation is not normally at the top of the list of solutions because it is not considered an exciting topic. The rate of return on investment (ROI) is certainly at the top of everyone’s list of objectives. So properly designing, installing, and maintaining an insulation system should be, too. In many cases, the annual rate of return is more than 100 percent. Loss of energy can increase the temperature within a facility or area, putting additional stress on other equipment and reducing that equipment’s performance and life expectancy.

Energy conservation with the use of mechanical insulation, whether it is a hot or cold application, is simply an opportunity that should not be overlooked. As one facility manager notes, of all the energy-saving technologies available, a properly insulated system can provide the best ROI. It just makes good business sense to look at insulation first. Said another way, it is an investment that may have few rivals from a return perspective. Conserving energy with mechanical insulation is a quick and simple way to save both energy and money.

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